Friday, April 28, 2017

Worlds End - Volume 2

PRE-ORDER Incentives Schemes

The importance of the launch of Worlds End – Volume 2 – A Hard Reign’s Gonna Fall “Science Fusion” Graphic Novel is even more vital than it was with the initial launch of Worlds End – Volume 1 – The Riders on the Storm.

Worlds End fans have been clamouring for a release date for it for the past four or five years. It was never in the plans to take so long to produce it, but as followers of Worlds End, Wizards Keep and Tim Perkins, you will already know about the obstacles and upsets of personal loss, personal illness and just about anything that could be thrown in the way of production of the artwork and has constantly confronted the team between volumes. It has almost been as though there was a physical presence not wishing the book to be completed.

It was always the plan to include a signed and numbered, limited edition print, like the one given away to all Pre-Orders prior to the launch of Worlds End 1. After all parting with one’s hard earned sheckles is bad enough at times, but paying up front before the book is ready for release (as we did with volume one) – well that is another thing entirely and shows just how loyal and supportive Worlds End fans are.

So, without further ado, here are the list of incentives…

INCENTIVE ONE – Applicable to all orders placed and paid for prior to the release date being announced later in 2017.

The first incentive for all fans/customers to receive a signed and numbered, limited edition print was needed for anyone ordering and paying for the second book as a Pre-Order book.

It was with all the above in mind that Tim and the Team decided that something other than a single signed and numbered, limited edition print was needed for anyone ordering and paying for the second book as a Pre-Order book.

INCENTIVE TWO – Applicable to The FIRST 100 orders placed and paid for prior to the release date being announced later in 2017.

As a result of this thinking it was decided that a second signed and numbered, limited edition print with a space left open and unfinished for Tim to remark with an individual, unique, original sketch on it to complete the image was called for.

This still didn’t seem quite enough though, however, and so it was decided to add a third incentive into the Pre-Order mix.

INCENTIVE THREE – Applicable to ONE Lucky Fan/Customer with an order placed and paid for prior to the release date being announced later in 2017.

The third incentive is for one very lucky Pre-Order Fan/Customer to have their name drawn out of a wizard’s hat and then adapted by Tim and added to the intricately detailed Worlds End Map of Gaeyrth in the front pages of the book. Their names becoming the name of a place or city or even an island or continent.

Their name will appear alongside such stalwarts of the comic industry, as Jack Kirby, Barry Kitson, John Ridgway, Bryan Talbot, Mike Ploog, Frank Brunner, Frank Frazetta and John Buscema, as well as family and friends and the members of the Wicked Comics Team – the Organisers of the mighty MaltaComicCon – all of whom have their names on the map in this way.

There, the lucky winner will see their names translated into the fantasy language used by the indigenous peoples of the mediaeval world of Gaeyrth and immortalised forever like those above into something like these…

Brry K’tsyn
Jn’ Rygwy
T ‘aal-Bot
Fr’ Zytta
B ‘Cema 

…amongst many others

However, that still didn’t seem to be enough, here at the Keep and so it was decided to add a fourth incentive into the eldritch mix.

INCENTIVE FOUR – Applicable to ONE Lucky Fan with an order placed and paid for prior to the release date being announced later in 2017.

The fourth incentive is for one very lucky Pre-Order Fan/Customer to have their name drawn out of a wizard’s hat and then see them supplied with heavy duty, Worlds End-themed washable wallpaper using the Mural Artz technique to customise a wall in their house, office, studio, garage or den or wherever they want it to hang. 

The image area can be up to a size of 12 Feet in width by 8 Feet high. It will come as rolls of wallpaper – all you need to do is carefully hang or employ a decorator to hang it for you.

The lucky winner will be given a few options to choose from between artwork from one of the double page spreads or else panels and logos from the first two books, put together and made into patterned wallpaper.

The idea for this came to Tim a short while ago after a couple of discussions with clients about the Mural Artz product.

So, there you have it.

Place your order now and you will get Incentive 1.
You will also get Incentive 2 if you place your order within the first 100 orders.

One of you will also then become immortalised on the Map of Gaeyrth from that moment on.

Another one of you will receive Worlds End-themed wallpaper to customise one of your walls.

It’s enough to get us to enter for ourselves…

All you need to do now, if you haven’t already, is to go to the Wizards Keep or Worlds End Shops on their respective websites and place an order for the second volume.

There are a lot of orders already committed at the moment – so thanks to those all those wonderful folks – you know who you are. 

You can either click the link or copy and paste the web address below into your browser.

Here is the Direct Link:
Place Your Order for Worlds End – Volume 2

Here is the web address to copy and paste into your browser: 

This second book is set to fly out of the ball park and is even better than book one.

Good Luck to you all and thanks for your continued support for Worlds End.

Until next time, have fun!

April 28th 2017

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Worlds End Volume 2

Pre-Sale Page now OPEN in the SHOP

Hi Everyone,

I am proud to announce at long last that Wizards Keep have just launched the  PRE-SALES Page for Worlds End - Volume 2 - A Hard Reign's Gonna Fall.

We are all really excited about this and for all those of you anxiously awaiting this second Graphic Novel we are offering a couple of very cool incentives.

ORDER IN ADVANCE NOW and receive a Limited Edition Signed & Numbered Print – PRINT 1.

The FIRST 100 ordered before the final date before Publication will also receive an Original Remarked Print – PRINT 2. 

This is as well as receiving the Limited Edition Signed & Numbered Print.

(Remarked Prints will have a unique original sketch to complete the illustration).

So the first 100 folks to purchase a Pre-Sale book before the Publication Date is announced will get two beautiful, unique Worlds End prints and everyone else after the 100 copies have been purchased will get Print 1.

Once the Publication Date has been announced then Worlds End Volume 2 – A Hard Reign’s Gonna Fall will be sold without the prints.

The Publication Date has yet to be announced.

Although we will say it is definitely COMING SOON!
This is the second in the series of my "Science Fusion" graphic novels and I cannot thank the team around me enough for all their hard work and my family and friends for their patience in the production of this labour of love.

As with the first volume, The Riders in the Storm is a fully painted, All-Ages book and is set on a medieval world called Gaeryth, where a Mathemagician, called Gweldar, his familiar, Geek, a young boy, Ralf and a mysterious girl called Zephol continue to be all that stand before an invading alien horde intent on aqua-forming the otherwise tranquil planet in the far reaches of space.

The question is are they enough to stop the myriad forces, known as the Aoevill from the depths of outer space and solve the mystery of Worlds End…?

And to quote the book, "Will a little Magik be enough?"

The book is again European Format - Case Bound Cover - Fully illustrated - 88 full colour pages + Cover and illustrated Endpapers

I am so thrilled to announce that these two stellar comic creators are doing me the great honour this time around.

The Foreword is by David Lloyd V – for Vendetta, Kickback, etc.

The Introduction is by Bruce Zick – Disney, Pirates of Dark Water, etc.

With an Afterword again by me.

ISBN: 978-0-9570310-1-2

TO ORDER YOUR COPY Simply Click the Link Below:


Check Back Soon for more information on the Progress of the Second Volume and its Publication Date.

Until next time, have fun!

April 12th 2017

Monday, February 06, 2017

Jack “KING” Kirby

A Celebration of his work

Hi Everyone,

As you all know by now, American Comic Book Artist and Writer, Jack Kirby was THE creative catalyst that put dreams in my head of becoming a comic book creator when I grew up from being a young boy. By the time I was 8 years old I was determined to follow my chosen path, one on which I would try to create my own stories and tell them sequentially.

If Jack had still been alive today he would have been 100 years old in August, this year. 

I have tried every year since I received the news in the Defiant studios in New York city to celebrate his magnificent output of work on this day and also on his birthday in August and this year is no exception to the rule, especially in light of such a momentous occasion as his 100th Birthday.

Expect lots of Jack Kirby related news from me this year – Teaser Alert!!!

So, folks, for now sit back and enjoy the journey through just a little more of Jack’s wonderful work – the stuff that influenced my decision to become a creator of comics.

News soon on Worlds End 2 as well.

Stay tuned!!!
Until next time, have fun!

February 6th 2017

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Find Geek Before The End Of Christmas Eve Competition

Latest Competition here at Wizards Keep


Geek is lost and needs to get back home to Gweldar in time for Christmas.

Find the little picture of him on the Competition Banner (see rest of article) and help him to find his way home.

The Picture below is hidden somewhere on the Worlds End website...

There will be 1 Lucky Prize Winner!

The Prize for the winner is a Seasonal Grab-Bag of Goodies to help share a little magik during this festive period.

The Winner will be the first person to spot him and let us know.

Once you find his whereabouts just tell us which page you found him on – you can copy and paste the browser page information into your email or carefully copy it into your letter so that we know you have found the right web page. Or if you prefer you can send us a screen-grab of the page in question.

Please send your emails to 

Unfortunately, if you can’t email us you cannot send the answer in a letter to us here at the Keep via Snail Mail as the Competition is being held on a First Come - First Served basis.

THE DEADLINE IS SATURDAY 24TH DECEMBER at 00:00pm GMT (That’s 12 o’clock Mid-night for us kids).

Good Luck everyone and remember please don’t take too long, so that Geek can get home in time for Christmas…

Until next time, have fun!

December 23rd 2016

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Worlds End Calendar - 2017

New Launch from Wizards Keep

Well, following on from the exciting and highly successful launch of the Worlds End Calendar – 2017 we are pleased to announce the launch here on the website and following in the tradition of good will here at the Keep we are happy to tell you that Postage is FREE!!

Yes you heard correctly FREE Postage on all calendars and that is worldwide too.

So place your order today and marvel at the epic vistas taken from the double page spreads in Worlds End Volumes 1 & 2.

Available to purchase here at the Wizards Keep SHOP


Until next time, have fun!

December 18th 2016

Friday, November 11, 2016

Educated Yorkshire

A Review of the education show in Leeds today.

Hi Everyone,

This year has seen me attend a record number of shows despite my insane workload on both Worlds End – Volume 2 – A Hard Reign’s Gonna Fall and Creative CurriculumComics.

Recently in September I was asked to speak to a room of educators at an early years event at Salford University where we exhibiting the new comics, plus out other products, as Direct-Ed.

I was amazed at the response I received, especially from the speaker, Richard House, Ph D., C. Psychol, AFBPsS, Cert. Couns., that had gone before me – I was the last one to speak at the event.

I was asked to do a similar, but shorter version of that same speech yesterday at Educated Yorkshire. Like the show in September it was a great honour to represent the worlds of comics and speak about Comics in the Classroom and although risking a gong if the speech became a sales pitch managed to use subtlety to slip mentions for the new Creative Curriculum Comics as well.

It was a fantastic show – little slow up until lunch, but two bad accidents on the M1/A1 and M62 (I think) meant massive hold ups, for people trying to get there. Joe Mugan, my partner in crime with the new educational comics and I had set up the afternoon before and stayed in Leeds overnight. It was the best decision we could have made.

The talk was very well received again, which is always great and some of the folks came back to the stand after it to thank me and to discuss the comics further. We did really well with visitors to the stand throughout the afternoon, which in turn lead to great sales and schools asking me along to visit them as a visiting creator and Joe and I to an awards ceremony too.

The show reaffirmed our belief in our product. I have been saying for decades now that we need to reengage kids.

No one else took up that mantle, so now we have.

We are finally giving something back to the kids, which should never have taken away in the first place – COMICS.

One of the nicest things I saw yesterday and I had mentioned it earlier in my speech, was the sight of one of our visitors to our stand with one of our sample comics in his back pocket, which he had picked up for his young boy. When I made comment on this, it pleased the gentleman in question equally. Years ago this was a common sight amongst children all over the UK.

Overall, despite the lack of footfall earlier, the show was a great success, certainly for Joe and I. Our new trademarked brand is spreading in popularity as we continue to spread the word amongst the teaching fraternity.

I would like to personally thank the delegates that came along to my speech, especially those that took time out of their busy schedules to speak to me about comics both before and after the talk.

On a different note for fans of my little dog; I think Bentley has almost finished his next Blog about his lineage, so he’ll be posting something here soon.

Next show up for me will be Blackburn Comic Con, closely followed by MaltaComicCon, so if you are at either of those, please feel free to come along and say hi and check out the latest pages from Worlds End 2 and my latest product launch, just in time for Christmas the Worlds End Calendar 2017. Oh yes we also have a Creative Curriculum Comics Calendar too.

Until next time, have fun!

November 11th 2016

Monday, August 29, 2016

Blogtrotting with Bentley – Series 2

The Stone Age – BOGTROTT-UM

Hi there and welcome to my Dad’s Blog, which I am lucky enough to be taking over once again, as he is so busy creating the second volume of Worlds End.

This second series of Blogs are going to look at my family tree and an eventful one it is with a great many well-known folk heroes amongst their names, so I have a lot to live up.

I am going to start off with the earliest of records for the Bogtrotter line – The Stone Age.

It is now a well-known fact that Stone Age man kept a dog and recent studies of genes and behaviour show that there are ancient ties for man and mutt.

Caves at Bogtrott-Um

 Evidence of Bogtrotters at Bogtrott-Um

Bogtrott-Um Scroll

One well-known fact is that dogs are good at reading human signals to find food. The story of man’s friendship with dogs goes way back into pre-history. There have been new studies mad, which suggest that dogs shared the warmth of a fire and a bed with early Stone Age humans and trotted or Bogtrotted in our case beside them across the Bering Strait into the New World when it was all connected as one. This kind of domestication has also turned dogs into keen readers of human behaviour. Well, when you are with someone 24/7 you kind of get to know each other, don’t you? Just like Dad and me.

Stone Age humans were probably the first to tame dogs breeding them originally from wolves in East Asia around 15,000 years ago.

They now say that dogs from at least five domestic lineages probably accompanied humans across the land bridge from Siberia to Alaska and down into the Americas around 12,000-14,000 years ago. Well, there is actually a sixth one – The Bogtrotters, my lineage.

Experts say that they are unsure when exactly dogs arrived on the scene accompanying mankind is still uncertain and that they could have shown up as early as 40,000 years ago. They are actually wrong because archaeologists have recently found the ancient caves of Bogtrott-Um, which show evidence through cave paintings, archaic artefacts and the incredible, but little spoken about Bogtrott-Um Scrolls.

“These artefacts and accompanying fossils date from about 107,000 years ago,” says Clinton Wise-Smythe, an expert on the history at the Zoological Sciences Society of London University, adding, “Which is a most incredible thing to find out and is still being looked at, especially the use of scrolls, which were thought to be only in use several thousand years after this period of time.”

The companionship of men and dogs have led to a deeper understanding of one another. Dogs pick up the smell of hidden food incredibly well. It is amazing that even puppies are excellent at following someone’s gaze or pointing to food, even if they have had little experience of being amongst humans.

Although the usually time-period given by scientists to the domestication of dogs is around about 15,000 years ago that does not mean there were no dogs around before that time. And some recent research points to a 33,000-year-old Siberian fossil being related to modern dogs and wolves based on its DNA. Now with the finding of the caves at Bogtrott-Um this information has all been turned on its head.

Looking at the scrolls you can see that the story that unfolds on them shows a close-knit bond between the Bogtrotter and his Stone Age owner. He was taken for walks, fed and given a bed in the cave, just like we are today.

There are several scrolls and wall drawings, which depict several adventures with them two, although they have not as yet been given public scrutiny and as such I am sworn to secrecy, until such time as they have been studied to a suitable conclusion by archaeologists.

This would seem to be the origins of the Bogtrotter line, so my earliest relative on my family tree lived in a cave. I am so lucky to live in a nice big house with my Dad; spending many happy hours in his studio and then going out for walks or trips out in the car with him and the rest of the family – much better than a cave, especially in winter up here in the North of England.

I am extremely proud of my wonderfully exciting heritage as a Bogtrotter I and hope to be having some more of my own adventures real soon.

In my next outing, Blogtrotting, we will be visiting my relatives that lived in the Roman Empire; a relative called Bogtrottius.

I will now add, just like Dad does.

Until next time…

Have Fun!

Bentley Bogtrotter.